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We meet on:

Sunday:    9am-11.30am

Monday:    6pm-7.30pm (Prayer Meeting)

Thursday:  6pm-8pm (Bible Study)

Choir Practise is on Wednesday and Saturday.

"The Lord is
our strength.''

Facts about The Gambia

- The Gambia is a West African country with a population of about 1.2 million.
- Islam and Christianity are the country's main religions.
- It is believed that the Gambia is at least 80% Islam. The ethnic groups with the most
  population, are mainly Muslims.
- There are some other ethnic groups, although smaller, that are mainly Christian.
  Most of the citizens of the country, Muslims or Christians, are involved in African
  traditional beliefs.
- The people of the Gambia are reputed to be very hospitable.
- This hospitality is one of their most priced possessions.
- Gambians are mostly tolerant.
- The country is lined with very beautiful beaches.
- The beautiful beaches and sunshine are the two
  main tourist attractions which Gambia posseses.
- The Gambia attracts tourist from the UK, Europe,
  Scandinavia and North America.
- Evangelical Christianity started in the Gambia
  about 20 years ago.

- Today, Gambia has a handful of Evangelical
  Churches that are striving to make an impact in
  the land.
- The process before a Gambian is converted to
  Christ can be slow but many are seeing the light.
- There is a lot of work to be done here.
  The labourers indeed, are few.
- The Church in the Gambia welcomes
   long-term and short-term missionaries.